Mind the Gap: Linda


The director of governmental affairs, Tara, a paid staff member for the association, has been given the task of reviewing the current annual voting system for new directors. She brings up the task to the GAC committee, which is comprised of REALTOR® volunteers and other staff members.

Bill, a 62-year-old broker, is quick to complain about the current use of online voting and says that no one uses it. He sites low response rates and says it is hard to follow. Bill thinks a mailed proxy will be much more impactful.

Jenny, a 30-year-old agent, says that she would likely discard anything mailed from the association and would be much more inclined to vote online.

What should Tara consider when thinking about revising or modifying the current voting tool?

Did you Mind the Gap correctly? See what Linda Trevor, NARLA 2012 Graduate, has to say:


Because the current system is already online, going back to a mailed proxy is nearly impossible. However acknowledging Bill’s point is very important. Perhaps Tara could probe into what’s not helpful with the current system and ask Bill for suggestions for ways it could be better for him (personally). Consider gathering statistics on recent voter participation versus prior mailed responses for the association. Find out what Jenny likes specifically about the online tool and what could be done to improve it, i.e. more links, more photos, etc.

Explore the idea of what the cost would be for an inexpensive mailing to the members: a letter or postcard that announces the upcoming election and highlights the Web site. Focus on the strengths and generational characteristics of both Bill (dominate, risk takers) and Jenny (inventive, confident) and encourage them to partner together on a smaller task. Capitalizing on the strengths of all ages will result in the best final product.