Mind the Gap: Alessandro


Ted remembers the days of the MLS book. In fact, he has books all the way back to 1972, and they are stacked in the corner of his office. When Darren joined this independent brokerage firm as the managing broker in 2006, he led the charge for the company to start broker IDX reciprocity.

Ted received a call from one of his long-time clients yelling at the top of his lungs, “Ted! My house is on that kid Braden’s Web site. He was disrespectful to me in your office that day. I demand you make him remove it!” Ted was confused and just as frustrated. He slammed into Darren’s office where Braden was in a meeting with Darren. “Boy, you’ve got some explaining to do. You stole my listing, and now I’m about to lose my best client,” he blurts out right in Braden’s face.

You are in Darren’s shoes. What do you do?

Did you Mind the Gap correctly? See what Alessandro Stupp, NARLA 2012 Graduate, has to say:


At the core of this issue, Darren may have failed Ted in the education realm. Ted may have likely been grandfathered out of the continuing education requirements, and Darren may not have exerted the leadership to keep Ted up with the times. Syndication is a sore spot for many REALTORS® and company owners today. From Edina’s pulling their listings from syndicates to Howard Hanna’s announcement of direct feed relationships, the syndication game reached a sticky level in 2012.

While many of the generations may not like where technology and listing transparency has taken us, the industry is where it is in this hot topic. Every generation must reach out to be educated on these core technology issues regardless of grandfathering, lack of interest or lack of tech skills. The game HAS changed.

In this scenario, a lack of understanding by the Silents has caused a headache for the Gen Xer and the Gen Yer. Braden’s questionable rudeness is another entire issue. The fact that Ted doesn’t understand what happens to his listings when he turns them into his broker and they are entered into the MLS is almost unforgiveable. The blame either lies in Ted’s lack of interest or Darren’s lack of taking the time with the generations who truly need the extra help in navigating the new tech issues.

Some good proactive actions could have saved Darren the headache he’s experiencing with Ted’s confrontation. He risks losing or hurting Ted, but he also risks the same with Braden. Darren may find himself in a lose-lose situation due to a lack of bringing the generations along for the ride of understanding.