HOW TO PLAY “Mind the Gap”

QR code reader needed to play the game, available for iPhone and Android.

“Mind the Gap” is a role-playing game designed around generational differences among REALTORS®. The game is a great icebreaker and can be used in a business office or at an association.

The game offers solutions that will build bonds, help to heighten the engagement of members, and improve member understanding of what leadership is needed in REALTOR® organizations. It’s a method to bring new leadership onboard and a perfect way to navigate the challenges of having four generations in the work force.

“Mind the Gap” is an introspective exercise that opens up the conversation on generational issues. The value in playing is to develop understanding to help bridge the gap. The ultimate goal is to provide methods to foster collaboration and mutual respect.

Step 1 – Assign a “Conductor,” someone who is familiar with the various generational categories represented on the cards.
Step 2 – Divide the room into smaller groups of at least four people (up to Eight groups of at least 2+ people may play at any time). Once the remaining steps have been explained to the entire group, the Conductor reads CONDUCTOR WELCOME (below) aloud to entire group.
Step 3 – One member from each smaller group retrieves a Scenario Card from the Conductor and returns to their assigned group.
Step 4 – The Retriever, the one with the Scenario Card, reads the scenario to his/her group and highlights the generational differences written on the card.
Step 5 – Each small group discusses the scenario from the viewpoint of each generation represented in small group, including how to handle the situation.
Step 6 – Once the scenario has been discussed, the group should scan the QR code to discover the NARLA Explanation. Further discussion may continue on the suggested explanation.
Step 7 – Repeat from Step 4 with another Scenario Card 2-3 times depending on the number of groups and the time allotted for the exercise.
Step 8 – Allow 7-10 minutes per scenario for adequate discussion.
Step 9 – Read CONDUCTOR DISMISSAL (below) when session is complete.

CONDUCTOR WELCOME (after dividing room into smaller group, read this aloud):
Today we will embark on a generational journey through some real life real estate scenarios. Your objective is to navigate the various scenarios through the insight of four generational points of view; Generation Y, Generation X, Baby Boomers and Silent. There may be a member of each of these generations within your group and your experience will be enhanced as each of these representatives will be allowed to give their insight as it pertains to the scenario and the ultimate solution. Keep in mind that the characteristic represented on the Scenario Cards are general by nature and may not apply to everyone in the specific group. Now I will ask for one member of each group to come to the Conductor and retrieve a Scenario Card and read it aloud to your group. Once you have given the scenario adequate thought, use the QR code reader to see what the NAR Leadership Academy member had to say about the scenario. When each group has completed their Scenario, we will continue. Good Luck and ALL ABOARD.

CONDUCTOR DISMISSAL (to be read at the conclusion of session):
Thank you for your attention during the “Mind The Gap” presentation. We hope that your journey doesn’t end here in this room. Generational Differences are all around us. How we manipulate through various situations can be stressful or successful. The journey depends on you. As you encounter various situations in your everyday life; whether it is in business, in the classroom or in basic family discussions, remember that people can act and react in different ways depending on their generation. Remember to MIND THE GAP!

Mind the Gap is a product of the 2012 National Association of REALTORS® Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy board proposed a project for the class to address the generation gap among REALTORS®. The game is a result of the work of the following members and staff of the National Association of REALTORS®:

Tray Bates (Texas), Russell Boyce (Maryland), Nikki Jean Boyd (Idaho), Jennifer Branchini (California), Brett Brown (Florida), Alexander Chaparro (Illinois), Brian Copeland (Tennessee), Scott Lalli (Utah), Kaki Lybbert (Texas), Heather Ozur (California), Gary Reggish (Michigan), Eric Sain (Florida), Alessandro Stüpp (Brazil), Tamara Suminski (California), Linda Trevor (North Carolina), Dewey Uhlir (North Dakota), Karen Valentine-Pond (Wyoming)

2012 Advisory Board Chair
Otto Catrina (California)

Staff Executive
Bobbie Albrecht (Illinois)
2012 Advisory Board Vice Chair
Theresa Hatton (Connecticut)

Staff Support
Rita Baldwin (Illinois)

Thank you to the 2012 Leadership Academy Advisory Board

Otto Catrina –Chair
Castro Valley, CA

Theresa Hatton – Vice Chair
Greenwich Association of REALTORS®

Leslie Rouda-Smith – Immediate Past Chair
Plano, TX

Jill Beck – State AE
North Dakota Association of REALTORS®

Michael J. Dimella
Boston, MA

Ingrid Glancy, ABR, CRS, CIPS
Denver, CO

Brenda G. Ghibaudi, CRS, PMN
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Dwight Hale
Port Aransas, TX

Jessica M. Hickok
Springfield, MO

Tessa Hultz, RCE, ePRO
Wichita, KS

Veronica Seva-Gonzalez, CIPS, GRI
Washington, DC