Immediate Past Chair 2013 Leadership Academy Advisory Board

Two Generational Lessons Learned by Playing Games and Politics

Immediate Past Chair 2013 Leadership Academy Advisory Board

Sometimes we can learn lessons about how to be better Realtors®, better business people and better citizens from unexpected sources. Here are two examples I’d like to share: One originated from a question posed to the 2012 Realtor® Leadership Academy class, the other came from a request made to me.

In both cases, generational gaps were bridged, challenges faced and overcome, and I gained greater insight on leadership.

Game Designed to Bridge Generation Gap Between REALTORS®
One objective we have with each Academy class is to keep raising the bar. The board is always on the lookout to identify areas for professional development. I noticed that when the talk turned to volunteer leadership I kept hearing about the differences between the generations – how there’s a lack of personal interaction by the younger generation today because of reliance on technology, and how REALTORS® of my generation maintain that business isn’t conducted the same way anymore.

The Academy is a great place to try new ideas, with talent from around the world it’s a think tank. We posed a challenge to the class asking them to explore the generation gap among REALTORS® and come up with solutions. The 2012 class took to the project with great enthusiasm and collaborated across international time zones to develop the final product. The result was a board game that was later retooled into a role-playing card game called “Mind the Gap.”

Players act out real life scenarios that lead to conversations around generational differences. The end result is a greater understanding of the other’s behavior; truly a solution to bridging the generation gap.
NAR leadership experienced a session of the game and immediately approved funding for production. The game is now in the REALTOR® store. It’s a great icebreaker, and can be used in a business office or at an association.

I’d like to see the game incorporated into more board leadership retreats as a tool to help REALTORS® better understand each other. After all, we have the same brand behind our names, we subscribe to the same Code of Ethics and play in the same sandbox.

Young Legislator Inspires, Demonstrates Can-Do Leadership Skills
After my year as Academy chair, I was approached by a then 31-year-old prosecutor from the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office, who asked for my support against a 40-year incumbent in the race for the U.S. Congressional seat. I thought, “There’s no way he could win.”
The young prosecutor was very positive, and tenacious. He worked hard, is ethical and I could see that he was in it for the long haul. He showed the type of leadership skills we talk about in the Academy. My intuition told me this guy was on to something, so I worked on his campaign.
Well, Eric Swalwell went on to win the election last November. He’s the youngest Congressman from California. In a matter of weeks he was named assistant Minority Whip and appointed to the Homeland Security Committee. Because of my involvement with Eric, I was appointed his REALTOR® Federal Political Coordinator, which means I’ll keep him up to date on issues that impact both home owners and REALTORS®.

Through these experiences, I learned every generation can develop great leaders, and that leadership is a series of stepping stones for growth in business and in our potential.
- Otto Catrina

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